Cannot apply traffic queue priority numbers correctly on 2.3.1 for PRIQ

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    I honestly don't know if this is specific to the 2.3.1 upgrade however I know the problem only showed up on a server I upgraded to 2.3.1.  I didn't exactly notice this immediately after my upgrade as my primary vlan was not altered in any noticeable way.  I have PRIQ setup with a breakdown of queues for Streaming, BizCritcal, HighWeb, etc… 14 categories in total.  Anyway, I needed to use the guest network for a laptop and noticed youtube was loading really slow.  It actually took me a few minutes to realize the queues might be affecting it and sure enough after checking I noticed my youtube traffic was dropping into the default qLink queue.  The interface was missing the "Streaming" queue and many others I had setup previously before my upgrade so I recreated it and the traffic dropped into the queue correctly.  I then attempted to recreate some other missing queues for that vlan interface and when I clicked save I received a message saying I could not set the priority number higher than 7....this is odd because I have several queue priorities already assigned ranging from 14 to 2....even on the interface I'm trying to save it to.

    I verified the scheduler type on the interface is set to PRIQ so I'm not sure if I'm missing something.  Is this a bug?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Yes, this is a bug. Also effects latest 2.3.2_p1…

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    Patch attached… you all know why.

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