PPTP Being blocked even after adding a pass rule

  • Im trying to setup a temporary vpn using PPTP And so i added a rule to allow it through the firewall, but yet it's still being blocked.

    I cannot right now but will upload pictures of the rules later but its pretty straight forward

    Protocal TCP/UDP

    Start port: PPTP End Port: PPTP

    Redirect Target IP: [IP OF VPN SERVER]

    Redirect Target Port: 1723 (pptp)

    Still showing pptp traffic blocked in the firewall logs

    I'm on version 2.3-RC (i386)

    Would this have something to do with them removing pptp support, because that shouldnt affect my ability to run my own VPN Server using pptp…correct?

  • I've found PPTP support on pfSense is extremely unreliable (even if you are dialling OUT or dialling in to another server on your LAN)

    In some instances I can't even connect pptp from my machine (behind pfSense NAT) to a remote PPTP server.

  • Some specifics of things with PPTP are unreliable on many things. But port forwarding the TCP 1723 and GRE is no issue. Connecting out to a server from a single client also no issue.

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