High Ping - Hyper V

  • Hi, wondered if you could help on this, have searched for a few hours, but nothing worked. My home setup:

    Dell AMD processor based server Running 2012 R2
    Hyper V based Gen 1 pfsense box
    Intel PRO-1000 PT dual port card (WAN)
    NVidia nForce 10/100/1000 onboard (LAN)
    All guest services turned OFF

    But Im still getting a 200-300ms ping to any source (without the pfsence box, its 15-18ms)

    I do notice as the server boots up, the ping is low, but something kicks in after around 15-20 pings in windows on the firewall causing slowness.

    Could anyone shed some light on this please?

    Please note, its a home setup and not planning to put a dedicated box or anything like that as I want to keep it simple.

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