Anti Virus gateway

  • how i can use pfsense as anti virus gateway for normal application server and PC, i found only the ClamAV but its for HTTP proxy antivirus only

  • What form of gateway are you talking about? If it's email you mean, then mailscanner used to be available in earlier version of PFS, but doesn't appear to be available in the latest version (2.3.x). Apparently it was prone to sending CPU usage through the roof, so that may be the reason. If this is for a work system, then I'd suggest looking at cloud solutions, such as Forcepoint, Mimecast, Symantec, etc. If you're after freebies, then any number of open source options are around. Just Google it.

  • If you're talking about scanning downloaded files you have a big problem there because large majority of downloads nowadays is trough HTTPS. To scan HTTPS you need man in the middle setup with your own certificates that then have to be installed on clients so they can trust the certificates presented by the man in the middle proxy.

  • i mean general anti virus gateway like file transfer throw Microsoft terminal service or throw Skype or Teamviwer

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