I think I'm doing it wrong…

  • I know that Multi-WAN and Traffic shaping isn't working quite right, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong and my problem will indeed be fixed when the Multi-WAN Traffic Shaping code is up and running.

    I've got two DSL lines, one a 6M/768K, the other a 1.5 symmetrical.  Through rules, I pass all VPN and server traffic to the symmetrical line.  I could care less about the 6M/768K line being traffic shaped, as its just used for web browsing, etc.  I used the Traffic Shaper Wizard to work its magic on the 1.5 symmetrical line, but now I'm noticing ALL my web traffic is slowed to the shaped speeds, and not just servers and VPN traffic.

    Am I correct in assuming this is one of the problems with the current release of pfsense?

  • 110 views and no one can say "Yes dumbass, you're doing it wrong." or "Nope, don't feel stupid, that's one of the issues with multi-WAN traffic shaping."

  • You haven't given anyone the details necessary to answer your question.  The number of people doing traffic shaping on multiple WANs is probably fairly small.  The knowledgeable people who may have read your initial question may have been to busy ask you for more basic details so they could offer a suggestion.

    You did not explicitly identify which version of pfSense you are using.

    You also pretty much answered yourself in your question by saying that you "know that Multi-WAN and Traffic shaping isn't working quite right."  I would bet you have already seen the answer in the forums or wiki to have come to that conclusion.

    I do not have multiple WANs setup so I can't help you.  Your follow-up came off a little pushy, so I thought I would try to give you some possible reasons why you have not gotten a response.

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