IPv6 Disappears After A Couple Days

  • I have native IPv6 support from my ISP via fiber to the home and a media converter box, connected my pfsense box running 2.3.1
    I have IPv6 working with a /48 PD and the LAN is configured to track the WAN interface. Everything works fine, however, after a couple days, the IPv6 address on WAN and LAN vanishes and does not come back until I reboot.

    I'm not 100% sure what to look for in logs, so some pointers there would be appreciated.
    But the last log entry related to WAN_DHCP6 in the gateway logs is:
    WAN_DHCP6 2001:4860:4860::8888: Alarm latency 23852us stddev 21280us loss 22%

    Where do I begin figuring out what is going on?

  • No idea about your issue but for something similar happening on my cable modem. The work-around until the glitch was fixed by the ISP with new modem firmware was to do a DHCP release/renew on the WAN interface in pfSense, much less aggravation than a reboot!


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