VMWare Developer Edition

  • I downloaded and setup the vmware dev edition.  When I first ran the shortcut, I noticed the vmware player making a call to the mothership, so I denied it on the first run (let it go on later attempts).  I even disabled the firewall on later attempts.  Upon starting the vm, I noticed that it took a while on "Configuring WAM Interface…"  I then received a dialog "The VMware Tools poweron script did not run successfully in this virtual machine. If you have configured a custom poweron script in this virtual machine, please inspect it for errors; otherwise, please submit a support request." (same in log), and clicked ok it away.
    LAN -> lnc0 ->
    WAN -> lnc1 ->

    The VMWare player had two adaptors setup:
    VMware Network Adapter VMnet1 (
    VMware Network Adapter VMnet8 (

    I cant see or ping anything from winxp to the vmmachine nor can I see or ping anything from vmware shell to the outside.

    Is there something I am missing?

  • on the top of youre wmplayer you see a networkcard symbol
    click on it and set it on bridge mode

    now restart pfsense dev.
    it wil have acces to youre wired networkcards wireless cards it cant see so that it cant use for its internet connection

  • Had it set to bridged mode alread.  It threw me off as to what the relationships were.

    I had the class A internal network setup with my active physical card which was being picked up by the automatic bridging.  I was thinking that vmnet1 (it's own virtual adaptor) was connected to this.  When I opened the registry and read FreeBSD.vmx on  ultraedit, everything started to make more sense.  Now I can make my actual internet connection be the WAN to vmware, and drive the host computer via some route entries to get internet through the vmware LAN.

    All is fine now.  Thanks for the response.

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