Double natting + plex

  • short setting the situation: yes i'm doing double natting, no I can't change that, it's an ISP thing.

    pfsense gets its wan ip from the router from my isp (in this case:
    pfsense distributes its own ip address to everything behind itself, in plex case: (static)

    I changed routers a week ago due to the previous thing dieing…. I had set up port forwarding on the old thing towards plex (port 32400), and it worked flawlessly.

    now onto the problem:

    When i use the default port 32400 on plex to register the server, it refuses to connect. I forwarded from my public ip port 32400 towards the pfsense server (, on pfsense i created a wan rule from source any any towards port 32400. Seems pretty straightforward, obviously doesn't work (otherwise i wouldn't be here...)

    However.... When I let plex choose its own port (instead of manually chosing the port) say 15278, forward that port into my isp router, and the same in my pfsense from any any towards port 15278 it does work....

    I'm at a loss as to why its not working.

    packages running: snort, pfBlockerNG, openvpn export and darkstat
    on a side note: openvpn portforwarding on port 9999 from isp to pfsense ( works flawlessly.

    if you guys need screenshots or anything else feel free to ask and i shall provide ^^

    thanks in advance

  • Could be something to do with your firewall rules or outgoing tab under NAT in pfSense. Do you have it set to manual or automatic?

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