UDP Proxy / Steam Link Routing

  • Hey Everyone,

    Does anyone know how do implement a UDP proxy on PFsense?

    I am trying to get my steam link working at home but I have multiple VLAN's - Internal Net - Server Net - Infra Net i.e. Nest Cam, Chromecast, Steam Link / Guest Net with AP Isolation - Management

    I want my desktop which is sitting in the Internal Net to communicate with the steam link on the Infra Net. The steam link finds devices by sending a udp packet to the broadcast of the local network. How can i forward those packets to another VLAN

  • This is what a packet capture looks like

    15:11:02.074448 IP > UDP, length 52
    15:11:04.074080 IP > UDP, length 52
    15:11:09.073963 IP > UDP, length 52

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