Set Static IP from ISP to LAN client

  • Hi everyone!

    I really need to know how can i set the remaining ip that i have from my ISP to my printer & CCTV. I already used one for the router (1.32.99.n1), so i want to set 1.32.99.n2 for my CCTV and 1.32.99.n3 for my printer. So whenever i'm not at home, i still can view the CCTV or print some document.

    Can anyone lead me on how to set up this?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    While technically you could assign addresses from the WAN subnet on a local interface using bridging, or add the IP addresses as VIPs and use 1:1 NAT, you would not want to do that in this case.

    A CCTV system and a printer are two prime examples of devices you should never, ever, under any circumstances expose to the Internet in that way. These devices usually have weak security, poorly maintained firmware, and bugs that would allow attackers on the Internet to breach your network.

    If you want to access them remotely, use a VPN – do not even setup port forwards for such things.

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