CARP - force not to failover

  • Hello community.

    I work on a pfSense cluster 2.3.1 with special propose on the carp interface.
    I have 3 external and 1 internal interface combined with carp. Everything is fine here.

    But on the 2. internal interface, I have virtual interfaces (VLANs) more than 3. I would combine these to the cluster with CARP. These interfaces have no requirement for HA. Is it possible to tune CARP interfaces in different TIERs? So my 3 external and 1 internal interface (VHID 1-4) should automatically failover, switch from master to backup but if the internal interface (vlan xyz) with carp failed (VHID 101-103) I would not to failover the hole cluster.

    Is there a tuning parameter or a dirty trick to force a carp interface not to failover?


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