HOWTO: Step by Step Get XMLRPC sync error debug info

  • When you see this error pop up in the notifications, follow these steps to identify the cause:

    If the error is like "XMLRPC communication error:":

    First, determine if it's about package sync or core firewall rules/aliases etc sync.  To do that, add an alias, save it, then wait for the error.  Check on the backup system to see if the alias migrated.  If it did, the error happens later in the process and is likely a package/software bug.  If it didn't, then it's more likely a password/firewall rule/config/setup issue.    'Timeouts' aren't always about networking issues, bugs on the client side that just don't generate replies even though the channel between them is open can cause this.

    To identify the cause of the issue, enable debugging on the master side by doing this:

    <  Your answer here, please >

    And on the backup side by doing this:

    < Your answer here, please>

    Then, on the master side, initiate an XMLRPC request by adding an alias that has no operational effect such as 'Placeholder" with any single host address.

    When the error occurs, on the master side, collect from these files starting at time index just before the save action on the alias, to the end:

    < Your answer here, please >

    And on the slave side, these files:

    < Your answer here, please>

    Add to that the content of these configuration files from the master and the backup side:

    < Your Answer here, please>

    Then, as attachments, post them < here > , and in the body of the message the pfsense version  on both machines, and any hints or impressions about the likely cause of the problem.

    This information will be enough to diagnose whether the problem is a software bug, a package misconfiguration, a networking setup or device failure issue.

    Thank you  <in advance="">!!!

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    Over the years with this package, XMLRPC sync errors might as well read 'The Frobnicator's Hiesenburg Compensator is no longer mindful."  Presently there is a bug I think in the Bind package, or some fight between disabled resolver / forwarder packages and the enabled bind package.  All the firewall stuff makes it from master to backup, but not the Bind info.  PFSense has needed a good step by step guide on this question for some time, I'm just hoping someone here has done it enough so sharing the detail is cut/and/paste.</in>

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