• When attempting to install pfsense via usb on an 80gb IDE drive I get an installation error

    attempt to call method 'get capacity' a nil value

    When manually selecting a drive this drive isn't listed, only the USB disk installing from.

    Disk is detected in bios, disk was booting into XP fine before wiping.

    System was previously running pfsense on a sata drive without trouble.

    I guess I'll try cloning the previous installation from the sata drive to the ide drive? I haven't got another other hardware with IDE ports.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It depends on the driver support for the controller and the drive config. A common way to screw up an old IDE drive was to have it in the master position but set as slave, or set as slave with no master, either of which could cause it to not be seen right by an OS.

    Also check your BIOS for options that control how the controller behaves, it might be worth a tweak.

    Though honestly if that's really an old IDE disk it's probably not worth trusting. Disks are cheap, especially small ones, not worth the hassle of using a really old disk these days.