• Ok, some of you will freak out if I say that I'm running pfsense as a guest on a Hyper-V server.
    Other Linux machine are running great (Slackware en SuSe).

    Pfsense is running fine, but there is one big trouble: it will not shutdown or reboot .
    I have to reboot the Hyper-V machine itself to get pfsense stopped.

    Anyone have an idea why pfsnse or maybe freebsd in general has this problem?

    I'm going to run pfsense on dedicated hardware now, but I won't like the extra energy costs, wich I coud save runnng it in a virtual machine.

  • Likely a FreeBSD or HyperV bug, or both. Try a stock FreeBSD 7.0 and it will likely do the same. If that's the case, I suggest asking on a FreeBSD list, as it's not something we're capable of resolving.