Upgraded to 2.3 and have resource issues

  • I run PFSense in VMWare ESXI with HDD=8Gb, RAM=3GB, and ever since upgrading to 2.3 I have been seeing an issue with Disk Usage exceeding capacity ??
    As I had done a VMWare snapshot before I upgraded from 2.2, I rolled back to see if it was something that I missed, but after a few weeks of no issues I returned to 2.3.
    Below are some screen shots. I have also updated to the 2.3.2 Development build to see if it solves the problem but it does not.

    After a restart the Disk shows around 3%, but after a few days, sometimes as long as a week it suddenly spikes to over 100%..
    Is this a known issue ?

    I have attached snapshots from 2.2 to 2.3.2, with 2.3.2 after a restart, and then a few days later.

    While I do have some packages installed, none are enabled at the moment.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks

  • What packages have you installed? And have you checked the contents of /var/run to see what file(s) are taking up the disk space there? At a guess, it sounds like you may have a process somewhere which is respawning and possibly creating multiple PID files, though without further information it's only a shot in the dark.

  • PHP probably dumped a core file there. Seems there's some bug in PHP that's making it crash for some people where its pwd is /var/run and that leaves a core file there. Look at what's in /var/run, and rm or mv the .core file. I'm changing that so it dumps elsewhere to not fill up /var/run, and hopefully we can find a replicable case for that crash to get the root crash there fixed.

  • Thanks, I had found another thread that showed the same issue so I removed the PHP core file this morning following the instructions. I did download it first in case you wanted it.

    I thought I had updated the thread, but was multi tasking and probably forgot to post.. Usage is back down to 3% for now.

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