Routing traffic from static public IP across a different WAN connection

  • So I have a current pfsense system running a transparent bridge between WAN1 & LAN with a block of static public IP's being used by workstations sitting on the LAN. This block is on and is connected by ADSL.

    I have added a second faster cable connection WAN2 which is a single public static IP address

    DHCP server is running on the LAN and anything requesting an IP gets but nothing on the LAN is using this at the minute as they are static configured public addresses on each workstation.

    This is a temporary situation whilst we get rid of the public IP block and move everything to WAN2 with NAT and internal machines getting the new subnet.

    Everything is going through WAN1 at the moment. In the intervening period whilst things are organised is there any way of routing traffic from an internal machine with IP across WAN2?

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