Dual WAN: How can i separate ISP 1 for browsing and ISP 2 for gaming?

  • Hi, i have 2 ISP, but how can I separate my connection?

    ISP 1 - port 80 and port 443 should go to this WAN, (browsing)
    ISP 2 - all other port should go to this WAN (gaming)

    I want also to setup fail-over, if ISP 1 is down, all connection should go to ISP 2.
    And if ISP 2 is down, all connection should go to ISP 1.

    Please tell me what are my firewall rules?

  • Never got to try by myself, but I would say: use gateway groups. Create one with your ISP 1 as Tier1 and ISP 2 as Tier2 (named "failover 1" for example), the other with ISP 2 as Tier1 and so on.
    Edit the default LAN FW rule to apply it to ports 80 and 443, click on "advanced" and set "failover 1" as default GW. Copy the rule, place the duplicata under the other and edit it to match the rest of the traffic using "failover 2" as default GW.

    But again, never tried it, don't be to harsh on me if it doesn't work ;D

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    That's exactly what you want to do.

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