Dashboard says new version available but

  • Hi Everyone,
    I'm running 2.3.1-RELEASE(amd64) on a Supermicro box.
    On the Status/Dashboard, I see the message Version 2.3.1_1 is available.
    However, when I click on the cloud link and land on the System/Update/Systemp Update page, I see the following.
    Current Base System  2.3.1
    Latest Base System  2.3.1
    Status  Up to date.
    and there are no other buttons/links available.

    I have an identical box that I just went through the upgrade process (2.3.1-RELEASE(amd64 to 2.3.1_1).
    Any ideas on how to get this box updated to the latest release?
    I did try rebooting the hardware to see if that would allow me to proceed with the upgrade, but no joy.

    Any ideas welcomed.

  • Try to run 'pkg update -f' and see if it shows up then.

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