No NAT on outbound

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    I just realized a NAT issue that I need to correct.
    I have one WAN port with 4 static IP's assigned. 5 external NIC ports
    I have my email server setup via NAT to go to a dedicated server on one of the external ports. It is setup as 1:1 NAT with port forwarding to the email ports. Also VIP's were assigned.
    The WAN port is set to the LAN address.
    The issue is all my outbound email from the email server is routing to the LAN/WAN IP. Incoming is going to the right place.
    How do I set NAT so the outbound from the email server uses the same static WAN IP as incoming.
    My guess is I need to somehow change my outbound NAT which has the destination pointing to any right now.


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    Figured it out. Was the NAT 1:1. Need to set the Translation to the correct static IP. All is working now. Sometimes just laying it out pulls out the answer

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