Traffic shaping limiters bandwith per host

  • Dear friends of the community, I am implementing "traffic shaping" in pfsense 2.3 and have a problem with limiters. I need to limit to a maximum of 256 Kbytes download per host. But in creating the limiter (2Mbits download, upload 2Mbits) and apply it using a rule, limited connection to 2Mbits whole and not 2Mbits per host. I could help it?

    Of course I thank you!

  • you'd need to apply the limiters to a LAN rule.
    set the limiter-mask to "source' to create dynamic pipes for each ip

  • I have a rule in LAN, TCP/UDP with limiters. In traffic shaping -> limiters, i have a limiter with 2mbits and mask in "source addresses", and /32… i attach jpg image with my config. Not found, no apply for per host, apply limiter to all network :(