1 LAN NIC, static ip AND VIP for LAN subnets

  • Hi,

    I've assigned a VIP (IP Alias) to a physical LAN Nic to handle requests for a different subnet, other than the LAN subnet.
    I.e: LAN subnet =
    IP Alias subnet  =

    Under Advanced > Firewall / NAT, the setting to bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface is checked.

    It appears that I have all of the firewalls rules set on the LAN interface for the two separate subnets to allow traffic to/from one another, etc.  So no restrictions.

    Still, there's some firewall blocking going on for some traffic and pings that originate from the subnet to the IP Alias  Also - cannot ping an external host using as a gateway.  NAT is configured properly for the to the WAN, just like the subnet was auto generated.  Same kind of rule.

    First time working with IP Aliases in this scenario. 
    Is it possible to have an IP Alias ( to be used as a default gateway for hosts on the same interface as the physical interface ( and subnet

    Let me know if any thoughts/tips.


  • Simply ended up using VLANs for this situation.  Previously had been told that the switch did not support VLANs, found out otherwise.

    Further… configured VLANs on pfSense under: Interfaces > Assign > VLANs and Interface Assignments.