SG-4860 1U with wifi

  • I came across a pfSense server in Google images (attached).  Upon visiting the store though, I don't see this configuration.  It is the SG-4860-1U but it also has included Wifi.  Is this setup still available?

  • It could be that this is a custom user build and not really officially sold as you see it on that photo!
    So the best will be to email to the support or the sales team and ask them, then you will know it
    better its then an information given from the "first hand".

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The chassis was changed and the wifi option removed. A rack is the last place you should put wifi gear – too much noise. We decided it was a bad fit to imply that would function well, so it was removed as an option.

    Put your wireless gear in a central location, away from RF noise. And use a real AP like a Ubiquity UAP (AC or regular)

  • Thanks.  I did contact support and they confirmed the chassis was a prototype and that changes in FCC regulations prevented that design and integrated wifi going forward.  My location is very small and my current wifi is in the rack and works fine.  If I move though, then I will look at the ubiquity.