• Hi guys,

    First time I write here. I am having a really weird issue. We are running Asterisk behind a pfsense server. We were with a ISP provider that gave us a dynamic IP. I have forward UDP 5060-5063 (for the connection), UDP 123 (for the time on Polycom's phones), UDP 10000-20000 (for the voice transfer) and TCP 22 (for remote upgrade). Everything was working like a charm. I have 3 external phones that were connecting and everything was running smooth.

    Now, we did change our ISP configuration to have a static IP. Our VoIP provider needed a Static IP. Since I changed my configuration of my pfsense to Static IP, our phones won't connect. I can see in the firewall logs that it connects (green arrow) but I have nothing in Diagnostic - States. Its like my port forwarding is not working anymore but every forwarded ports that do not concern VoIP works (VNC, RDP, HTTP, SSH).

    Can you guys help me?

    I can see in my States that I have a lot of: TIME_WAIT:TIME_WAIT with my home IP connecting to my pfsense (work) connecting to the Asterisk Server


  • Did you change the sip.conf on Asterisk server to match the externip=ww.xx.yy.zz setting to your static ip address ? If not you should remove externhost and replace it with externip.

    Then I have more luck forcing static nat in the Outbound NAT settings on the pfSense.

    Here my config, the first line tells the router that my Asterisk Server need static nat the second one was auto generated by pfSense, and the third one is only a copy of the autogenerated one to allow my WLAN to NAT.

    Here you can see detail of the configuration of the NAT for my Asterisk server located obviously on