Enable DHCP on WAN interface

  • I'm using a WRAP.2C with 1 lan and 1 wan interface.
    The lan interface has Internet access via my cable modem (which has built-in NAT & DHCP).
    I have olsr enabled on wan.  Since olsr doesn't have auto-configuration built in,
    I need to enable a DHCP server (or DHCP forwarding) on the wan port for those clients
    who don't know how to hard-code our configuration information (ip/netmask/gatway/dns).

    As of now, the only way I know to do this would be to add another wireless mini-pci card
    so pfSense would have one on OPT1 which has dhcp server capability; and simply leave
    the card on wan unused, which would be a senseless waste of hardware.

  • I solved this by adding Firewall->Rules for any/any access on both the Wan and Lan interfaces…
    Then, Interfaces->Assign and transpose/swap the Lan and Wan ports...  Adjust the network
    settings on your PC to be on the proper IP range for the new Lan(formerly Wan) port...  And
    finally, Point your browser to the IP address of the Lan(formerly Wan) interface.

  • The above solution worked fine for the first wireless mesh node.
    However, this won't work for subsequent wireless mesh nodes.
    The wireless mesh node needs to serve/forward DHCP on both
    the LAN and WAN ports.  Could someone post how/what config
    files to manually edit to turn on DHCP on the WAN interface?
    I'm using the Embedded pfSense version.
    Thank you,

  • Edit /usr/local/www/services_dhcp.php

    Edit line 40 from:

    $iflist = array("lan" => "LAN");


    $iflist = array("lan" => "LAN", "wan" => "WAN");

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