CPU Utilization High

  • Need somebody to help me on this,
    My pfsense cpu utilization is high, almost 100% at all time. This is based on my RRD states graph.
    It makes me difficult to surf to internet. My server is only around 8 hours uptime.
    Anybody can help me to troubleshoot this problem?


  • I got the same situation. In my experience, not only 100% cpu, after a day of 100% cpu I'd noticed that my RRD graph was not recording so I rebooted my pfsense to temporary resolve the issue but I'm expecting it will be return eventually. I'm using Bandwidthd, traffic shaping, dns, dhcp on my pfsense 1.2. Are there any ways to suppress the issue?

  • Upgrade to 1.2.1 and this is not an issue with traffic shaping.

  • Thanks for the reply, I already resolve the issue by removing the dns server on pfsense because it is the one using most of the cpu. are there any links for improvements of 1.2.1? :)

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