Random network slow-downs

  • First off, thank you to everyone who helps us mere mortals when it comes to pfsense. I have creeped on the forum for sometime and have been able to get my network up and running without to much issue by testing and reading others posts. With that said, I have run into the first issue that I am hitting a wall on and am hoping that I can get some advise on how to proceed.

    Network layout:

    Modem -> pfSense -> Switch
                                              |–--VLAN1(192.168.1.x) -> AP01
                                              |          |                                    |-----Wireless Devices
                                              |          |----Wired Devices
                                              |----VLAN8(10.0.5.x) -> AP02
                                                        |                              |-------Wireless Devices
                                                        |-----Wired Devices

    8gb ram
    squid transparent proxy in place
    100/10 from ISP

    The issue I am seeing is roughly around the same time every night, the network becomes almost unusable for all devices. Wireless devices refuse to do anything and wired devices become so slow that they might as well be turn off. I have attempted to reset modem/pfsense/AP's but that does nothing. Today I decided to run some iperf tests and found that if I am connected directly to the LAN port on pfsense with my laptop, I can only get 7.55Mbit/s throughput from my laptop to pfsense. I then tested from my client to iperf.he.net and was only getting 13.5Mbit/s through. Lastly, I connected pfsense back to the switch and then tested from my laptop through the switch to another server on the switch and was able to get 934Mbit/s throughput.

    With all of the said, I am not sure if I am even looking in the right direction for troubleshooting this issue. Any guidance is appreciated.

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