First time user - Pf Sense Question

  • Hello!

    I've just received Pf Sense from my boss, I was able to gain access to the GUI on my browser usually with the default gateway or IP.

    Now I get to the Username and Password prompt, I was wondering is there way of resetting the username and password without having to contact someone
    midst my co-workers.

    Also, I don't have a serial cable (an input option) on this 'silver box'. So I wouldn't be able to open it up on my monitor and configure it how you would traditionally.

    What are some ways to configure or install this software via USB or CD Iso's? If I need to, are there serial to usb and then should I just use VMware or some sort of application.

    Thanks! Remember I'm a noob to this but I'm trying! ::)

  • So, you need to hack the box without knowing the password?

  • If the admin (root) password is not available/known, then you need to get to the console, where (assuming the option to password protect the console has NOT been enabled) you can reset the password.

    In any case, you really need to sort out how you will get console access in future - so start with getting a suitable serial cable (again assuming the box does not have VGA console).

  • Yeah - All  true - I was just wondering why someone needs to do a password reset on a machine that isn't theirs and didn't want to bother / inform coworkers with it?

    I think I'm seeing a "feature" of serial console only machines here.  A small layer of physical security.

  • Have you tried the default login credentials?

  • Probably answered a thousand times. I've no real clue about networking. I built a pfsense router. Pc connects, it works fine, Internet works. My TV can't get internet connection though connects to router. My phone connects also fine. Can get internal connection to devices like nas etc. Can use ookla speed app fine but can't use Netflix on it you tube on it or browse with Safari. Can anyone help me with this and also explain it for someone that has no real idea of networking. I'm very willing to learn. Thank you for any help

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