• I've just spent the past day trying to connect to the internet with my newly built pfsense box.

    The two interface network cards are quite compatible (they're Intel).  LAN was always up - I could access the box over the network, to configure it - but the WAN interface was always down.  The monitor of the firewall always had a repeating message every minute or so, about the WAN interface timing out.  And the modem just sat there, doing nothing.

    The connection uses PPPoe - and I put identical username, password and DNS as the (working) previously used m0n0wall box (now back in use…)

    Looking through the system log did not indicate any obvious error - but it never showed that it was trying to connect either.

    I know I may not have given much information for anyone to help, but is there something I have not done, or have done wrong?  I thought it would be so simple, just put in the info, click save, maybe reboot, and wait for the internet to connect... but it just never did.

  • I'm sort of in the same page as you. I started a thread as well. Mine connects but its sooooooo slow, like something is wrong. Connected directly pppoe to the modem works perfect, but through pfsense it doesnt.

  • Its possible you may need to boot the pfSense kernel without ACPI. If necessary, try booting the livecd, selecting the ACPI off kernel, and restoring a saved config file.

    I got bitten by this a few days ago. monowall 1.2 worked, monowall 1.3* (b7, b13) didnt get traffic in or out of either ethernet card, pfSense 1.2 was the same as monowall 1.3* until I booted ACPI off, then all was fine again.

    & Now if I just knew how to install pfSense to hard drive with the ACPI off kernel… &