CARP with Dynamic PPPoE

  • Hi guys, I've read around a lot regarding this and am looking for some feedback on what the best option is for this particular setup. I have a HPNA to Ethernet adapter that let's me connect to my ISP using PPPoE where I get my dynamic address from (I can have multiple leases at once). I desire to have failover in my setup where the slave will pickup the connection.

    Currently, I've settled on Dial-on-Demand mode where the slave will connect via PPPoE when it is asked (IE master is down). I'm contemplating using two leases for two connections which should mean that the LAN should migrate using CARP and switch to the PPPoE connection on the slave. My last option is to try and setup CARP after allowing the ISP's provided modem/router to initialize and maintain the PPPoE connection (I hate their equipment). My issue with some of the options is that I make use of DynDNS and the master/slave would fight for associating the external IP with the address.

    Is there a way to "fudge" CARP or setup some kind of script that would only start a PPPoE connection on the slave if the master was offline?

    Thanks for your time!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No. You can't use PPPoE WANs with CARP and expect a workable setup. Move the PPPoE to the modem. Your issues with DynDNS won't exist. Both will check the external (public) address and find that it matches and then not update.

    Setup a 1:1 NAT or "DMZ" on the modem to forward all traffic in to the CARP VIP and then inbound should be no problem. Otherwise it should be a fairly standard setup.

  • @Elegant
    You already have Dial on Demand.
    What I have read here and here is that you also need to disable the Gateway monitoring. Then PPPoE will only be created on 2nd Firewall when 1st one goes down.
    I have not done this myself though yet.

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