Netgear GS108Tv2 VLAN setup

  • I just bought a Netgear GS108Tv2 and wanne give it a try  ;)

    I have this setup WAN (em0), LAN(em1 192.168.1.x), VLAN102(em1 192.168.2.x) and VLAN105(em1 192.168.5.x)

    Switch has IP (so in the LAN)

    By default the switch has VLAN1 with VLAN membership 1-8 untagged and PVID VLAN1 on port 1-8.

    Can anyone advise me on the how to setup the switch?

    How should I connected the LAN cable to the switch? I need 1 port for the VLAN102 subnet and 1 port for the VLAN105 subnet. On all the other ports you should get an IP from the LAN when you connect to it?

    Thanks in advance for any advise.

    btw I am still not very sure about the tag and untagged thing. I think I understand what tag or untagged will do to a port with a PVID number set, but what does a tag or untagged setting do for a VLAN on a port with another PVID number set?

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