Not sure if my switch or pfsense

  • Howdy

    We have a weird situation where we have a lot of land between switches.  We have a very long fibre run from switch a to switch b.

    What I'd like to do is subnet the remote location by making a vlan in switch b that takes the SFP from switch A and forwards it to one port that would then go into pfsense.  so switch A sfp port 8 goes to swich b sfp port 8 then vlan segments that port and forwards it to one port that is connected to pfsense.

    I have set it up this way and currently for some reason only UDP traffic is getting through and only from one machine.

    Am I crazy to think this would work?

    I have ordered a small switch to do this job in case I can't get this "smart" switch to do this.

    [switch A SFP port 8] –----------------[switch B SFP port 8(vlan port 8 sfp and port 16 ethernet)port 16]–----[pfsense]

  • Pretty sure it's the switch.

    I did a firmware update that completely broke it.  Rolled back and I guess I'll play the waiting game instead of pulling every lever in the switch and pfsense to try to get it to work.  LOL

  • The small sfp switch came in.

    Works great!


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