Vlan WANS High latency or packet loss on high traffic

  • Hello

    i have an issue that i cant figure out

    my setup is this

    alix pfsense with

    port1 =  lan1 1
    port2 =  lan 2
    port 3 = wan (connected to d-link switch and via vlans (3,4,5) on dsl lines

    i have 3 dsl lines  which are connected on a 1000 dlink switch

    vlan 3 = dsl line 1
    vlan4 = dsl line 2
    vlan 5 = dsl line 3
    all dsl lines are 9mb down 1mb up

    on no load i have pings around 25-35 which is normal for our isps

    on high load i get pings around 800 or even packet losses

    i have checked for colisions or in/out errors on interface statistics and i have none

    any clue why this might happening?

    its posible for the switch to be too much to handdle?

    thank you in advance

  • anyone?

  • Try traffic shaping to within a megabit of your download. Most ISP's just drop packets once the max is hit, where as traffic shaping can be a much more smooth process. This is not a cure-all, softly queueing traffic might not drop it, but will add latency. Also, are you seeing any packet loss?

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