Bug? 2.3.1_1

  • hello everyone,

    i just wanted to let everyone know i think i found a small bug but here is the story i have two pf sense boxes i was redoing on with a fresh install to replace the old box so i backed up all my configs. so when i went to load config on to the fresh install everything went well a few hours pass i start getting calls saying some members from our community couldn't connect to our game servers that i host..  then i go to login to my pf sense box an everything shows its open and working for what im seeing but it wasn't letting it through so i had to do is readd each nat port that i had on there for it to take an work. it was weird to me i thought i could let someone know on here.

    thank you

  • upgrade to 2.3.1_5 and see if its same.

  • @kejianshi:

    upgrade to 2.3.1_5 and see if its same.

    yes sir it was the same. i had to reinput everything one by one 80 port forwards :(

  • No idea….  That sucks.

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