Looking for pfSense expert

  • I am working for a company that is using a netgate device running pfSense 2.3. I am limited in my knowledge in networking and firewalls so I am relying on the individual that set it up originally. He has become harder and harder to get ahold and I am questioning his knowledge of the system. I would like someone else who is and expert with pfSense to look at our setup and tell us if everything is configured correctly and we are getting the protection that we desire. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

  • You can either post a bounty for someone to claim, or you could engage ESF pro support, or you could post screenshots of your WAN/LAN firewall rules and NAT rules (with public IP details obscured) and someone in the forum will look at them and advise you for free.

  • Thank You Kom. I will probably start with the support first and see what they have to say before I explore other avenues.


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    Why not just post your question/concerns/setup to the public forum and let multiple experts look at it and comment and suggest other ways to do what your doing or accomplish your desired goals.

    That is what the forum is here for - community support..  And best part is its FREE ;)

  • "Expert" is subjective.  Depends on your needs.

    I agree with previous poster.

    You should just post your needs.

    Some of them them may be outside of what pfsense does - or not.