Just a rant

  • I've known about pfsense for about a year now and I know I've just scratched the tip of the iceberg but I just want to say how awesome this software really is.

    If there's to be net neutrality and the internet in the hands of everyone it is paramount that software like this exists to enjoy the new age of communication but also to be protected from it.

    This may be considered a thankless job developing it so I just want to say what a pleasure the pfsense road has been to travel on.

    2.3.1 has been absolutely phenomenal for us.

  • I second that…Very nicely put.  I've been a user since ~1.2 and even back then it was so much better than all the other alternatives.  pfSense helped to make our business the success it is today.

  • I'm just a big fan of opens source everything, especially pfsense, because I don't trust closed source at all.  For a variety of reasons.

    Plus its free - like free beer.  We all love that I'm guessing.  (and like freedom)

  • PFSense has had a few bumps going into 2.3, but there's so much new stuff, not just the UI, but how packages and upgrades work, so it's understandable. Has worked wonderfully since I started using it around 2.1.2

  • Banned

    Yes i agree with the new user interface and how much better the squid and snort packages are integrated it's fantastic!

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