GUI Command Prompt locks user out of GUI

  • PfSense amd64 full install ver 2.3.1_1. If I put I think anything other than static commands, in the GUI Command Prompt, I get locked out of the GUI and restarting the GUI from command console doesn't fix. Resetting all states doesn't get me back in. Traffic still continues to be processed but only a reboot restores GUI access.  A surefire lockup command to put in the GUI command box to execute is powerd -v.

    Is this a bug?  Should there be GUI notations saying not to do certain things? I know I won't be putting powerd or pftop in there anymore. I'll use an SSH client.  Rather disruptive to a production unit.

  • Oh, and I should also add it breaks any public connection to OpenVpn server in the PfSense box.  Glad it doesn't break SSH or I would have no way to reboot it remotely.

  • You can't execute commands there that never end as it'll tie up the GUI. In 2.3.1_1 and newer, it'll kill it off after 90 seconds. Option 16 at the console will bring it back also.

  • CMB, I'm using ver 2.3.1_1.  Perhaps you meant 2.3.1_5 will kill it.  I'll try the upgrade.  Thanks for the console #16 tip.  I would have not considered option 16 since I don't know what PHP-FPM restart actually does. Are there other unintended consequences to using this option that would ultimately require a reboot to restore full functionality?

  • It should have timed out the command and killed it in that case if you waited long enough. That was new to 2.3.1_1. Restarting php-fpm just brings the GUI back when something hoses PHP, it doesn't have any negative impact on anything.

  • Well I waited all night because I didn't want to fiddle with an cron reboot edit via ssh and was getting late. Not something I do regularly. So had to reboot the router during AM business hours.  Had no choice.  Now I know a non-disruptive solution and what "not" to do to begin with.

    Thanks again…

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