Bonjour/Time Machine over OpenVPN client connections

  • Hi there!

    I've setup a network time machine share and would like this discoverable by clients connecting over an OpenVPN setup on my PFSense box.
    I'm aware of the Avahi package that can accomplish this and I've installed the package and made sure the Avahi service is running.

    My impression of this package is that it should just 'work' for the most part.

    I'm unclear as to whether Avahi works over OpenVPN client connections and I haven't been able to find any documentation that can confirm or deny this.
    It's not working out of the box though - VPN clients are not able to pick up any bonjour/mDNS traffic.
    With the exception of tinkering (and then reverting) a few of the settings, I haven't touched any of the defaults. No interfaces are being denied in the Avahi configuration. The system logs show Avahi starts up ok and binds to all interfaces on the router.

    Can anyone confirm/deny whether Avahi will relay mDNS over OpenVPN client connections?
    If so, what may I be doing wrong?

    I'll be happy to provide any information needed.


  • mDNS is multicast so in theory it should work if your VPN uses a tap(4) adapter that emulates an ethernet adapter with broadcast/multicast functionality.

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