• ArpON 1.44 is out!

    WHAT IS ArpON?

    ArpON (Arp handler inspectiON) is a portable handler daemon with some nice tools to handle all ARP aspects.
    It has a lot of features and it makes Arp a bit safer. This is possible using two kinds of anti Arp Poisoning tecniques, the first is based on SARPI or "Static Arp Inspection", the second on DARPI or "Dynamic Arp Inspection" approach.
    Keep in mind other common tools fighting ARP poisoning usually limit their activity only to point out the problem instead of blocking it, ArpON does it using SARPI and DARPI policies.
    Finally you can use ArpON to pentest some switched/hubbed LAN with/without DHCP protocol, in fact you can disable the daemon in order to use the tools to poison the ARP Cache.
    However ArpON is also a good tool to a clever sysadmin aware of security related topics. It is a tool born to make Arp secure in order to avoid Arp Spoofing/Poisoning & co.
    Remember it doesn't affect the communication efficiency of the ARP protocol!


  • Go ahead and start a package, or post a bounty for it.  If the money's right, I'm sure someone will take it on.