• Updated to this: pfSense-Full-Update-1.2.1-RC1-20080804-2005. The msg was shown at the bottom of the web gui when accessing it after first time after reboot.

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/www/pkg_mgr_install.php on line 155

    And the Status\Traffic graph second time click still error:

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    I don't see any problem with the traffic graph?

    The "invalid argument" sounds like a bug created with the package reinstall. I'm guessing you have no packages installed?

  • No i dont have any pakage installed. Thare is nothin wrong with the Traffic Graph itself, but the menu system after enterring Traffic Graph. Try click top menu again, hopefully you will see what iv posted like the picture.

  • I've seen that order before.  The SVG viewer basically has a z-order greater to our menus.  I believe this was with the SVG plugin.