Limited Bandwidth with Burst option

  • Hi,

    I have been using pfsense for some time and it is awesome! Can someone please help to configure the following?

    • I have 10mbps bandwidth on WAN.
    • I want to allow users to 5MB of download from idle with full WAN bandwidth.
    • After 5MB, I want to limit to them for 1mbps only until they are idle for some period of time.

    As of now I have setup with equal bandwidth sharing but some people are using IDM to abuse the network. Thanks in advanced!

  • AFAIK, pfSense is not capable of that.

  • Just use HFSC, give each person their own queue and let HFSC manage the load balancing?

    When you start saying "I want to do.. blah",  you're probably doing it wrong. Instead, say what you want the outcome to be. "I want fair usage of bandwidth" or "I want to reduce bandwidth usage to save money" or something. Otherwise it sounds like "I want to install a diesel engine in my car" instead of saying "I want to improve my gas mileage.

  • Thanks Nullity and Harvy66 for reply.

    You are right, I want fair usage of bandwidth. As of now I have setup equal share and it is working.

    What about Penalty Box? Will that work?

    Can you please guide me for setting up users' own queue? Just some link will work. Thanks.

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