1GB Nano CF image (any workaround)

  • After version 2.3 there is no 1Gb image. That is too bad because i have a system that only has 1GB and i can't upgrade it for a normal price.

    I understand that upgrading needs more than 1GB. But i don't need to have a upgrade. I would be fine if i have to manually flash the new version on the system. But would it be possible to make a 1GB version without this second partition so i can run the latest version on 1GB?

  • Can please tell us what kind of storage connectors are on your mainboard or inside of your hardware?
    Something likes, SDCard slot, CFCard slot, IDE interface, SATA interface, SCSI interface, USB ports
    or perhaps something likes a miniPCIe slot for mSATA drives.

    Elsewhere in the forum some users where reporting a work around to get it working together with a
    1 GB CFCard, but I don´t find it back now. Please do a search about it, it was during the last two month.

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