Multi WAN with Email server Behind pfsense

  • Hi all,


    We are having an issue after we have taken a second internet connection from different ISP which is 100 mbps.

    The scenario is earlier we were using pfsense with only one internet connection which is 2 mbps leased line. which works normal for our email server incoming/outgoing and internet for users.

    When we upgraded to a 100 mbps line which is different ISP we are facing an issue with out going emails only, we are able to receive emails properly. we have configured it as OPT1 and set this interface gateway as default.
        | |pfSense|----->LAN------>
    OPT1----------- |
   |-------> E-Mail Server (we have additional IP and using as virtual IP).

    I am using pfsense 2.2.4. Now our default gateway is OPT1 for internet purpose, and I want to use WAN gateway for email sending/receiving only. I have created a firewall rule in LAN at first place that all traffic from should go from WAN gateway. I have observed that if I set WAN as a default gateway all traffic from email server is going from default gateway only. If i change the default gateway to OPT1 all the traffic is going through OPT1 only. If I block 25 port on OPT1 address emails are showing in queue saying that connection timed out.

    I am attaching screen shots of Firewall rules, NAT, Outbound.

    Can anybody help me.


    Best Regards

  • Hi,

    Problem Solved.

    Problem is at our ISP they have blocked port 25, they have been told that unfortunately some servers have been improperly shutdown (due to power problem) , from then onwards our emails are not working, when I raise a complaint they have opened port 25. Now its working. Our emails are going from WAN interface and for internet we are using OPT1 interface.


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