Silly questions? Upgrading to Security Gateway from homebuilt PC

  • Made the wise decision to go ahead and purchase a Security Gateway SG-2440, along with a Ubiquity Unify AP Pro, which will replace a Desktop PC I've re purposed along with an Asus Wifi Router (used only as Wifi AP for VPN).

    Silly question #1: I plan to back up the current firewall configuration and restore it to the SG-2440. Bad idea? I realize that some items like the interfaces will need to be modified, but otherwise it should work? Or should I just start fresh?

    Silly question #2: I ordered without thinking about the SSD provision. Should I purchase an mSATA SSD and install it into the SG? What are the obvious pro's to having the mSATA SSD?


  • #1: Yes, backup/restore is good. If you know the old and new device names then you can even edit your config.xml manually before restoring to the new system, replacing (in a thinking way) and occurrences of the old device name(s) with the new.

    #2: It fits fine on the internal non-volatile memory that it has. Unless you want some sort of caching proxy or other thing that needs to store a heap of data, then I don't see a reason to move to SSD. (other comments welcome!)

  • Thanks for the response. Received the hardware yesterday evening (Korea) and installation was effortless like I had hoped. Went ahead and omitted the mSATA installation, since I don't have any real requirements for it at this time.

    Everything functions fine, and maybe it's just me, but network throughput seems to be a bit better, too :)

    Now to expand my horizons and create a VLAN soley for the VPN Client, and have segregated wireless networks on the Unifi AP; one for VPN and one for Clearnet. :D

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