[SOLVED] Static Routes troubles

  • Hello,
    I write because I have a big problem with static routes, the connection drops. Let me explain my situation, maybe someone can help me out, I'm from three days working on this and does not come out.

    My network is
    Main pfSense firewall with IP which shares the internet and its go well.
    Cisco firewall ASA5500 with IP without DHCP, and  holding an open tunnel with a VPN with network

    By setting static routes on the PC to switch from when you go to the VPN all works very well. The set route is this "sudo add via ip r".

    The problems come out when setting the static routes on pfSense, the route seems to work because the connection is active an you can connect to remote hosts, but after less than a minute the connection drops, always.

    What I did on pfSense:

    • I went on System-> Routing-> Gateways and added the GW LAN
    • I went on System-> Routing-> Static Routes, and added the route as well: destination network:, GATEWAY =
    • I went on Firewall-> Rules-> LAN and added to the first two rules:
      –------ Rule 1: Action: pass, Interface: LAN, Family: IPv4, Protocol: any, Source: LAN net, Destination:
      -------- Rule 2: Action: pass, Interface: LAN, Family: IPv4, Protocol: any, Source:, Destination: LAN net
    • I went on System-> Advanced-> Firewall & Nat and I activated the flag "bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface"

    As I said, a client that connects by DHCP, getting a IP from pfSense and having as default gateway (, is able to enter without problems in the network, but the connection drops after less than a minute.

    I hope someone knows how to help me, thank you.

  • Seems that I solved the problem changing "State type" in "none" on the "Rule 1".

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