Pfsense 2.1.5 going into the negatives?

  • hello, i have been using pfsense for over a year now on my home network, i have reinstalled pfsense 2.1.5 3 times now, and not added any packages to the installation, and for some reason the traffic graphs go into the negatives. i would upgrade but my current pfsense machine is ran on a dell poweredge 1550, using scsi hard drives, with dual pentium 3's that were made for it with 4GB of ram, it uses a pair of intel 10/100 nics, any help would be appreciated

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    going into the negatives??  You mean the traffic fell off from being pegged?  And why do you think that has anything to do with pfsense?  Maybe whatever was sending that traffic didn't send as fast for a second?

    How are you generating that traffic inbound to pfsense?

    On a side note, why are you running 2.1.5 which is a no longer supported version?

  • What does the latency look like?

  • it says 30ms

  • Is it showing any packet loss?

  • i dislike not knowing how to do something, can you please tell me how to check packet loss?

  • Check your quality on your RRD graphs for the wan interface and look for red and anything that reminds you the himalayas and high numbers….  not that 30 is low....


  • here is a screen shot, sorry, im half asleep, i work nights, but today is my day off

    ![rrd graphs.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/rrd graphs.png)
    ![rrd graphs.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/rrd graphs.png_thumb)

  • Need to click on the quality tab….  (I'm on the newest version now which is different than yours.  Look for "quality"

  • yes, i am getting packet loss

    ![packet loss.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/packet loss.png)
    ![packet loss.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/packet loss.png_thumb)

  • OK - Thats causing your problems.

    I suggest you go in and change your latency thresholds in apinger.

    Problem is when the latency is very high pfsense can think the wan is offline.

    (Probably wouldn't have problem with current pfsense version.

    Possibly also actually a internet problem before it gets to pfsense, but apinger doesn't like high latency.

  • thank you for the help, i have changed it and will post back here if it still acts up, which i should know shortly as i am currently downloading a few movies from amazon and that is when i noticed it acting up like that, been a while since i downloaded a large set of files

  • hmmm, it seems to have been only a temp fix, but it is taking a lot longer for the weird spike to happen

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    Your also going to want to make sure you don't kill the states when it thinks wan is offline..  Even upping the value for apinger, your getting huge latency there of 180 some ms when your seeing that much traffic, and yeah out of the box pfsense will reset the states on loss of wan.

  • that seems to have fixed it, i want to thank you for taking the time to help me with this issue, and if there is anymore weird issues that i can not solve, i will post in the forums

    thank you again

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    NP - glad you got it sorted.  I would suggest you move to current 2.3 vesion.  2.1 is not really a supported version.

    You might want to look into maybe doing something with what I would guess is bufferbloat since looks like when your downloading something your pings are going through the roof..  A somewhat simple help for that is just turning on codel

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