Dual wan but only ONE public ip

  • Hello,
    I am setting up a multihoming configuration with my provider. It will give me one hdsl and one adsl each one with its public ip.
    But to make it a "real" multihoming it will give me another one static public ip reachable via adsl and hdsl.
    The provider will route incoming packets for the public ip loadbalancing it via adsl and hdsl routes.

    How can I manage this multihoming setup with pfsense?

    Thanks in advance for any hint.

  • Sigh no reply… please tell me at least if you have not understood my explanation. Or tell me if it is not possible this type of multihoming.


  • The ideal setup would be a Carp cluster imo. But I can't say it will work as my carp knowledge is limit.

  • If you only have one public IP you can only use one WAN. You can't direct traffic without two gateway IPs.

    Since it sounds like your ISP is willing to work with you, see if you can get a /30 for each connection and one public IP shared between both connections.

  • Perhaps I explained myself wrong ( I am not english native) but the situation is like you have written: the provider will give me a /30 and a shared ip.
    My question is how to manage the shared ip with pfsense!

    Thanks for the reply.


  • Please give me only an hint of where to start to manage this virtual ip (on which interface assign it, how to set routing). Then I will do my self.

    Thanks you very much!

  • If they're routing that shared IP to you, you should be able to add it as an Other VIP and use it for NAT on both WANs

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