• In pfsense 1.2.1-20080729-0437

    I installed bandwidthd and it fails to start…

    When I ssh and try to start it manually I get

    /usr/local/bandwidthd/bandwidthd start

    /libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libiconv.so.3" not found, required by "bandwidthd"

    So it looks like is missing libiconv.so.3 from /usr/local/lib....
    Can anybody tell me where to get tis lib?

    Thank You!

  • Hi,

    Try this it worked for me, ssh to the machine and run

    pkg_add -r libiconv

    Once installed run "/usr/local/bandwidthd/bandwidthd start" this should start bandwidthd

  • Yea I got it working for some time now…
    Thanks though!