• I have an IP330 that randomly reboots giving fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode


    I see a fix for 100 series, but nothing for 300.


  • Followup:

    OK, what I have found so far, incase anyone is seeing this.
    My IP330 has the 3 ethernet ports, and the add-on card with 2 additional ethernet ports.  If I boot the IP330 with the add-in card installed I can run for 15 minutes or so, then I get the kernel panic trap 12 error, and the box reboots.  If I boot the IP330 without the add-in card, the IP330 has been running for 2 hours and 30 minutes without getting the error.  I am going to let the box run today, without the add-in card, and see what happens.

  • Followup #2:

    REBOOTED after power surge.
    After 1 hour 5 minutes without the add-in card, I got trap 12 kernel panic again.

    Now I am back to square one.

  • Followup #3:

    Loaded pfSense latest snapshot, and IP330 is STILL trap 12 crashing!!!