Errors In

  • Since I stepped over from 4 NICs to 2 NICs with 2 VLANs(em1) I have "in errors" on LAN(em1) (strangly not on the VLAN interface). Errors occur when I copy data to one of the VLANs. This VLAN is setup as follows:
    PFsense–--Switch(VLAN1)----Wireless bridge---(    )---AP I have to mention that the wireless bridge has 100Mbps ports and is connected to a gigabit managed switch. Anyone any Ideas, thanks in advance. Btw when monitoring the switch there are no Packets received with Errors or Transmit Packet Errors on any ports. The physiscal status of the port mentioned (VLAN) is 100 Mbps Full Duplex.

  • If it has 100Mb ports, maybe it's running half-duplex. Old 100Mb port to to new 1Gb ports duplex mismatch is a common reason for errors.

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