Multiwan , two wan static IP and one wan DHCP

  • I use PFsense 2.3.1_5 and I have mutiwan with failove and loadbalance . one interface of WAN use DHCP and other WANs use IPs.
    Today I test and I see , when WAN with DHCP config go offline , other Gateways go offline too.
    How I can tind bad config ?
    when other wan with static IP go offline other gateways wok good.
    only wan with DHCP conf go offline other Gateways go offline too

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You probably have an incorrect configuration for the monitor IP addresses and DNS servers for each gateway.

    Set each gateway monitor IP address to a DNS server on System > Routing and set the DNS server to the same gateway under System > General Setup

    If you have some things mixed up, such as all the DNS servers pointing to your WAN and also using them as monitor IP addresses on the other WAN gateways, that can cause exactly the behavior you describe.

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